Reconstructed T-shirt Ideas

Do you reconstruct your own t-shirts? T-shirts are probably one of the most popular reconstruction projects for sewers of all levels. EVERYONE has got a t-shirt in their drawer that they don’t wear anymore, so why not put it back to good use? I know that there are many books already on t-shirt reconstruction, but, just in case you’re not one of the owners of them, I thought I’d give you a few of my favorite reconstructed t-shirt ideas.

  • Do you hang your laundry on the line to dry? When I started doing this, I had a dilema of sorts regarding where to keep my clothes pins in my reach. I opened up one of those forgotten t-shirts into a rectangle, cut slits around all sides to make strips that I could tie around the holes in the basket so my clothes pins wouldn’t fall through, and voila… new again!
  • Tube tops… now who doesn’t like a great tube top to throw over your bathing suit during the summer? This one is very simple… just cut straight across at the underarms, then hem the top. Now, if you’re wanting a tube top out of a baggy t-shirt, there are a couple of ways to go about it. First, same as above instructions but add a strip of elastic that measures slightly smaller than your pit to pit measurement and sew that into the hem (this creates a nice flowy tube that’s not too constricting). Or, you could simply start with the cutting at the underarms, then try the top on inside out and pinning it down the sides to make it fit more snuggly, sew sides and hem top. Instant summer!
  • You’re not still using plastic grocery bags are you? Well, if you’ve got those spare t-shirts on hand and are thinking of making the switch to reuseable bags, here’s your answer. Cut arms off, cut collar off and cut it down a bit longer on the back of the shirt to match the front, sew the hem (bottom) of the t-shirt together, and there you have it… reuseable bag with handles!

No matter your level of craftiness, t-shirt reconstruction is definitely attainable. Here are a few of my favorites available on Etsy just in case you’re not feeling too outrageously crafty. The first one is from Kdottie and looks to be one of the most comfortable skirts I have ever seen, and the second is from HaschenDesign; I just love the color of this one!


New Tag Lines & Logo

I’ve been working with a professional graphic designer on a new logo and am very excited to get a new look! In the process of proofing she also sent some tag lines over for me to check out. What do you think of the following tag lines?

“reclaimed fashion”, “bringing new life to yesterday’s fashions”, “recycled.reworked.remarkable”

I think they’re all pretty awesome! I’m looking forward to showing off my new logo and new look! In the mean time, here’s a few of my current reconstructed favorites on Etsy for you to enjoy. The first one is called dollhouse jumper by NENEE. Isn’t it just adorable? She made it out of a maternity dress! The second reconstruction is called ‘candy suckle dress’ by heidiandseek. I really love the classic uniqueness of this dress; it’s just a bit funky but still really cute without going over the top!

Mounds of Second-Hand Clothing

Wow! Jackpot!

Most of my friends and family love to be able to hand off their once loved clothing items to me, as I will often put them to great use. So, this last week I was given this fabulous treasure trove of clothing that should keep me busy for a while! Not only is this an enormously huge donation, all of the items have already produced little images in my head of what they want to become for their third-life as they are all in great shape! I’m going to have to make this family something special and useful out of their forgotten clothing 🙂

Stay tuned for the treasures to come out of this stash!

Story Behind the Reconstruction

This wrislet has been in my shop for a while now & has many lookers, so I thought I’d give a little bit of background to peak interest even more!

The kahki colored fabric was upcycled from a pair of polyester pants that were a fabulous thrif-store find. They were in great shape, but as most women know, flimsy polyester pants are not the most flattering things out there.

I made a skirt out of the bulk of the pants, but still had some fabric left over… enter the wristlet. Wristlets are often closed with a zipper at the top, and in my constant quest for quirky but fashionable, I decided to do something a bit dfferent for closure so I made this wrap-around pattern that won’t let your items fall out. Cool!

Audio Books Rock!

I have been enabling a new trend lately… an audio book while I create! Prior to opening my shop I read like a mad woman (about a book per week), but I haven’t even finished one actual book in the last 2 months because I’ve been so busy. So… I popped into the audio book store right next to my yoga studio and chatted it up with the owner. It turns out she even sales used audio books as well as audio mp3’s! How cool is that? So much less waste in the mp3’s!

For the last 2 creations I’ve been listening to Zorro, and wow, is it good! It’s such a refreshing change to music while I create that I think I’m going to have to keep this trend up. I get completely lost in the book and just keep sewing, and sewing, and sewing because I want to find out what’s happening next. You rock, audio books!!!

Expectations & the Process of Reconstruction

I recently finished a shirt reconstruction that had almost no resemblance to the idea in my head of what I thought the top would turn out to be. I expected to use a two separate items to make one fabulous shirt, but once I started cutting & measuring it was completely re-formed and only one of the expected items were used. My reconstructions often surprise even myself when I finish!

With no patterns to follow, no clear-cut instructions or pictures to reference, my reconstructions will often take multiple creative turns throughout the whole ordeal. I really love that freedom of creativity in reconstructing textiles! It’s almost as if I don’t really know what I want out of the items I’m working with until I dig in and start cutting and sewing. Of course, this obviously takes longer, but who wouldn’t want to spend more time on the hobby that they love?

Off to reconstruct some more…

A Few Reconstructed Favorites

Here are a few of my current reconstructed favorites on Etsy (aside from my shop of course 😉 )

























I know… why would I post photos AND links of other reconstructed fashion designers? 

Simple… I would love to bring more traffic into the world reconstructed fashion. I know that I’m just one person and can not clothe everyone out there, so I hope those that don’t shop my store will at the very least check out the awesome ones above!