New Indie Interview

I’m the featured Indie Designer today on’s blog! Come check out my interview HERE.

The site is pretty awesome, it’s got so many great fashion links… hours of perusing! Enjoy.


New Tag Lines & Logo

I’ve been working with a professional graphic designer on a new logo and am very excited to get a new look! In the process of proofing she also sent some tag lines over for me to check out. What do you think of the following tag lines?

“reclaimed fashion”, “bringing new life to yesterday’s fashions”, “recycled.reworked.remarkable”

I think they’re all pretty awesome! I’m looking forward to showing off my new logo and new look! In the mean time, here’s a few of my current reconstructed favorites on Etsy for you to enjoy. The first one is called dollhouse jumper by NENEE. Isn’t it just adorable? She made it out of a maternity dress! The second reconstruction is called ‘candy suckle dress’ by heidiandseek. I really love the classic uniqueness of this dress; it’s just a bit funky but still really cute without going over the top!

Friday’s Reconstructed Finds on Etsy

This Friday I’ve gone for reconstructed fashion items from fellow Trashion Team members… enjoy!

How cute is this tunic top from fisheye? I absolutely love tunics… they always seem to portray a put-together look while still giving you plenty of room to breathe, relax & be comfy!












Ok, I know that summer is ending soon & mini’s will get put on the back burner, but this one from RunzwithScissors is too cute to store away for a whole season! What a fabulously rich chocolate brown! Pair with some cute cream colored leggings & some boots… voila… fall attire!








This one will probably throw you off a bit. It’s an unattached hood! How cool is that! Fairytalefibers makes these great hoods out of upcycled wool that are the perfect fall accessory. Who wouldn’t want a warm, eco-friendly, non-bulky hood for those drizzly days?


So, don’t be shy… give reconstruction a try!  HAHAHA  I had to! But seriously, these are just many of the unique fashion statements available out there that will help lessen our impact on the environment just by doing what we love already… SHOPPING!

Today’s Reconstructed Etsy Finds

Hi reconstructed fashionistas… here are a few of my current favorite reconstructed finds on Etsy! Looks like I may have fall on the mind, what do you think?

Orange Plaid Ruffle Wrap $36 from ednaandwilhemina









Custom PCEnLUV lunchbag lined with fused plastic $26 by nectorgirl






no woman no cry $25 by bravegrrl









I know at least one of these appeals to you! Go on, give reconstructed fashion a try… you and your environment will love it!

Story Behind the Reconstruction

This wrislet has been in my shop for a while now & has many lookers, so I thought I’d give a little bit of background to peak interest even more!

The kahki colored fabric was upcycled from a pair of polyester pants that were a fabulous thrif-store find. They were in great shape, but as most women know, flimsy polyester pants are not the most flattering things out there.

I made a skirt out of the bulk of the pants, but still had some fabric left over… enter the wristlet. Wristlets are often closed with a zipper at the top, and in my constant quest for quirky but fashionable, I decided to do something a bit dfferent for closure so I made this wrap-around pattern that won’t let your items fall out. Cool!

Audio Books Rock!

I have been enabling a new trend lately… an audio book while I create! Prior to opening my shop I read like a mad woman (about a book per week), but I haven’t even finished one actual book in the last 2 months because I’ve been so busy. So… I popped into the audio book store right next to my yoga studio and chatted it up with the owner. It turns out she even sales used audio books as well as audio mp3’s! How cool is that? So much less waste in the mp3’s!

For the last 2 creations I’ve been listening to Zorro, and wow, is it good! It’s such a refreshing change to music while I create that I think I’m going to have to keep this trend up. I get completely lost in the book and just keep sewing, and sewing, and sewing because I want to find out what’s happening next. You rock, audio books!!!

My Latest Listing

This top surfaced after my ideas of what I was going to make changed multiple times. Sometimes when I get into a reconstruction, I will completely ignore my initial thoughts and work with what the fabric is telling me as I manipulate it. I know that it is nearing the end of summer, but as I was cutting, pinning and sewing I just couldn’t help myself to keep the season alive! But, there are still those end of summer all-white parties, right?
The shape of this top is so flattering; even if you don’t have that hourglass figure naturally, this top will provide it for you!
It’s made from a vintage 70’s nurse’s uniform/skirt that was in great shape all around, except for the worn out elastic. But the fabric was very nice to work with! Here are the before and afters.