Lucy… My Double

I thought I’d introduce everyone to Lucy. She’s my ultimate helper when it comes to my shop. She’s my dressform, my double.

So the story behind why my double has a name is pretty cute, let me share ­čÖé When I was a little girl I desperately wanted my mom to change my name, Evy. My name was always hard to pronounce and I hated having to explain it to any new “potential” friends. Lucy, from Charlie Brown, was my favorite character on tv and I thought that would be a perfect name for me. I begged and pleaded, whilst crying, to my mother for her to change my name; but of course it was to no avail. It only seemed natural that my dressform, who is called “my double”, should have the name that I always wanted as a child! Now I of course love the uniqueness of my name, but obviously still have an affinity for “Lucy”.


A few words about reconstructed fashion…

Reconstructed fashion is the product of dismantling used or vintage clothing & re-creating them into new pieces or accessories. The results of reconstruction are unique & distinct items that will set apart the owner from the common sweat factory produced big box store look. The desigers of reconstructed fashion add their own style to the textiles to make it more personal & appealing as well as find a new use for them.

There is also an eco-friendly side to reconstructed fashion.┬áBy reconstructing clothing into new fashions, designers are contributing to the lessening of waste produced by the fashion industry. Styles change so frequently, & with that comes items that get left by the wayside to begin their long hibernation until the next recycling of fashion (bell bottoms, skinny jeans, high waisted pants), that it’s no surprise there is a multitude of waste! With a tweak here, a cut there & a few more stitches “once loved” can easily become “re-loved”.

The uniqe style of reconstructed fashion can be overwhelming to someone who has never experienced it. It’s understandably hard stepping out of the normal, everyday look into the reconstructed realm of fashion; but it’s not impossibly hard. There are a lot of reconstructed looks out there for the “simple” fashionista as well. Not all reconstructions are Frankenstein-ish creations!

I’ve made it into Blog-Land!!!


It seems like I’ve been meaning to get this blog rolling for some time now. Well… here it goes!