Do the Mash…

…the Monster Mash!!!

Don’t you just want to keep singing? Or maybe, dawn your favorite Halloween costume, head to the barnyard party and dance until the bats fly from the rafters? Ok, maybe not all that nonsense with the bats ūüėČ

The Etsy Trashion Street Teamhas an event called Monster Mash that is in full swing. Here’s what we trashionistas are doing in this event:

  • trading materials and other notions with our assigned partner
  • creating fabulous plushies (monsters will probably be the predominate theme)
  • promoting the upcycled manners in which these monsters are born
  • and, listing them on our Etsy sites to share their therapuic values with others

I know what you’re thinking, “do adults really need plushies?” The simle answer is YES! Well ok, we may not ‘need’ them, but they do bring much joy into whomever’s life they enter. And, coming from the Trashion group, you can assure your eco-conscience that no new waste was created in the process; in fact, scraps of otherwise ‘abandoned’ materials and such were saved from the landfill to create these cutie pies! I’ll leave you with a couple of the already available plushies at buttercupbloom and peggradyart. Stick around to see the Monster Mash results! I know you’re curious ūüėČ


Time is sooo not on my side!

I often wonder why there was ever a song about time being on my side… hmmm…

With not a whole lot of time to create lately, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed. For¬†me, creating my¬†handmade items is¬†really like therapy. I put my heart into my creations and absolutely love to marvel at the finished product! Creating makes me feel whole everytime I get to do it.

At least there’s Etsy for me to peruse while I’m at my 9 hour per day non-creative zone day job!

This is ‘pippin the crayon eater’, a plushie made by LiLMonsters on Etsy. He’s made out of a repurposed/reconstructed scarf, and apparently likes to go shopping!

No reconstructed fashion wardrobe is complete without a rockin’ pair of earings… right? These ‘recycled record vinyl flower earings’ by misscourageous on Etsy¬†are such a great find, and a great idea! Cute and¬†eco-friendly.

Keep creating everyone… so I can live vicariously through your work ūüėČ


Trashion is essentially taking what whould otherwise be thrown in the trash & turning it into something new & fabulous again! Aside from all of the obvious benefits of keeping items out of our landfills, trashion fashion evokes a certain extra kick of creativity in the creator. Designers of trashion fashion aren’t just starting from scratch with a blank canvas, they have a unique talent to see the beauty in something that was previously tagged as disposable, ‘trash’. Here are a few great finds from my Etsy Trashion Team:

I absolutely love this wrap cuff from Tresijas!¬†How¬†chic would it look with a nice black dress?!?! Her¬†Etsy store is full of great¬†upcycled items from¬†vinyl LP’s, I’m sure you’ll find a color to suit you!







This one I love! It’s a recycled tie pouch by kimerie. It always seems like I don’t have enough little bags or pouches everytime I go digging in my purse… voila! This one could probably help me out.




Eco-fashion, trashion, upcycled, recycled, you pick your term… they’re all fabulously gentle on the earth. Keep rockin’ it trashion creators!