Mounds of Second-Hand Clothing

Wow! Jackpot!

Most of my friends and family love to be able to hand off their once loved clothing items to me, as I will often put them to great use.¬†So, this last week I was given this fabulous treasure trove of clothing that should keep me busy for a while! Not only is this an enormously huge donation, all of the items have already produced little images in my head of what they want to become for their third-life as they are all in great shape! I’m going to have to make this family something special and useful out of their forgotten clothing ūüôā

Stay tuned for the treasures to come out of this stash!


Time is sooo not on my side!

I often wonder why there was ever a song about time being on my side… hmmm…

With not a whole lot of time to create lately, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed. For¬†me, creating my¬†handmade items is¬†really like therapy. I put my heart into my creations and absolutely love to marvel at the finished product! Creating makes me feel whole everytime I get to do it.

At least there’s Etsy for me to peruse while I’m at my 9 hour per day non-creative zone day job!

This is ‘pippin the crayon eater’, a plushie made by LiLMonsters on Etsy. He’s made out of a repurposed/reconstructed scarf, and apparently likes to go shopping!

No reconstructed fashion wardrobe is complete without a rockin’ pair of earings… right? These ‘recycled record vinyl flower earings’ by misscourageous on Etsy¬†are such a great find, and a great idea! Cute and¬†eco-friendly.

Keep creating everyone… so I can live vicariously through your work ūüėČ

Audio Books Rock!

I have been enabling a new trend lately… an audio book while I create! Prior to opening my shop I read like a mad woman (about a book per week), but I haven’t even finished one actual book in the last 2 months because I’ve been so busy. So… I popped into the audio book store right next to my yoga studio and chatted it up with the owner. It turns out she even sales used audio books as well as audio mp3’s! How cool is that? So much less waste in the mp3’s!

For the last 2 creations I’ve been listening to Zorro, and wow, is it good! It’s such a refreshing change to music while I create that I think I’m going to have to keep this trend up. I get completely lost in the book and just keep sewing, and sewing, and sewing because I want to find out what’s happening next. You rock, audio books!!!

Expectations & the Process of Reconstruction

I recently finished a shirt reconstruction that had almost no resemblance to the idea in my head of what I thought the top would turn out to be. I expected to use a two separate items to make one fabulous shirt, but once I started cutting & measuring it was completely re-formed and only one of the expected items were used. My reconstructions often surprise even myself when I finish!

With no patterns to follow, no clear-cut instructions or pictures to reference, my reconstructions will often take multiple creative turns throughout the whole ordeal. I really love that freedom of creativity in reconstructing textiles! It’s almost as if I don’t really know what I want out of the items I’m working with until I dig in and start cutting and sewing. Of course, this obviously takes longer, but who wouldn’t want to spend more time on the hobby that they love?

Off to reconstruct some more…