Story Behind the Reconstruction

The story behind this fabulous red reconstructed halter is a short but sweet one.

My husband works for a cellular phone company, and every now-and-then they have some new marketing scheme for a product that they are introducing to the public. The latest trend has been a flurry of tshirts that the employees are required to wear instead of the normal button shirt and tie combo. Although much more comfortable, my husband says it takes the formality out of sales, and customers take him less seriously, and hence he’s finding himself working a bit harder for the same amount of respect and sales. Every time they decide that the date has come to put the previous tshirt to rest, it immediately ends up in my sewing studio for reconstruction. The first one I did went very fast and he was so happy to see it go, that I was excited to introduce the next one in what appears to be an ongoing series of promotional tshirts needing a new purpose in life!


Story Behind the Reconstruction

My latest reconstructed Etsy listing, the Tie One Off Tote, has quite the story to tell…

It was an extremely hot day (we’re talking 114 degrees!) in Istanbul, Turkey about 6 years ago when I was cruising around the city deciding how to spend my 5 days there. While haggling with the vendors in the Grande Bazaar, I came to a shop that had air conditioning! I think maybe I became slightly disillusioned by this since I had been traveling all over Turkey for the last week & a half in mid-July, with no AC, because all of a sudden I thought that everything in the shop was so cool & I had to start trying on clothing to get a couple of outfits to take with me. I was backpacking throughout Europe & Turkey! What did I need with any more outfits to carry?!?! Anyways, I ended up buying 2, not 1, 2, long (long!) skirts in this shop! Needless to say, I did trek them along on the rest of my journey & they made it back to the States with me. I didn’t wear them on my trip, because it was summer after all, & I never actually wore them once I got back home either. Long skirts don’t really look good on me… again… it must have been the heat! 🙂 Oh well, the navy skirt has now turned into a fabulously upcycled tote bag that has a special place in my heart because of where it came from. Hopefully someone will love this bag as much as I do!

Story Behind the Reconstruction

This wrislet has been in my shop for a while now & has many lookers, so I thought I’d give a little bit of background to peak interest even more!

The kahki colored fabric was upcycled from a pair of polyester pants that were a fabulous thrif-store find. They were in great shape, but as most women know, flimsy polyester pants are not the most flattering things out there.

I made a skirt out of the bulk of the pants, but still had some fabric left over… enter the wristlet. Wristlets are often closed with a zipper at the top, and in my constant quest for quirky but fashionable, I decided to do something a bit dfferent for closure so I made this wrap-around pattern that won’t let your items fall out. Cool!

My Latest Listing

This top surfaced after my ideas of what I was going to make changed multiple times. Sometimes when I get into a reconstruction, I will completely ignore my initial thoughts and work with what the fabric is telling me as I manipulate it. I know that it is nearing the end of summer, but as I was cutting, pinning and sewing I just couldn’t help myself to keep the season alive! But, there are still those end of summer all-white parties, right?
The shape of this top is so flattering; even if you don’t have that hourglass figure naturally, this top will provide it for you!
It’s made from a vintage 70’s nurse’s uniform/skirt that was in great shape all around, except for the worn out elastic. But the fabric was very nice to work with! Here are the before and afters.

Story Behind the Reconstruction

Although I started this blog after my latest post to my Etsy store, I thought it would be fun to post stories behind the reconstructions with before & after shots. So, for this first story about the apron there won’t be any before photos, just the after ones.

This half hostess apronis honestly the cutest little apron! I reconstructed it from a valence piece that I found at a local thrift store, along with a peach colored sheet. I actually bought the whole valence, so I will probably be making more of these. Valences are swoopy half circle pieces that make up drapes… can you imagine a bunch of these aprons hanging over your windows?!?! I swear, some patterns for draperies are just so not appropriate! But thankfully for us “upcyclers” it is a sturdy weight cotton that looks fabulous as an apron. I’ve always held the belief that aprons can be a bit more funky than everyday wear, because they are worn for a short amount of time and they’re there to get dirty.

I designed this one to ride a bit higher on the torso than the traditional half apron, as I often will spill stuff right on the top line of normal half aprons. Also, this one will wrap around most torso sizes with its splendidly long ties. The wrapping of the ties adds a flattering effect to the waistline & matches perfectly with the flirty a-line style of the apron. Bon apetite!