Reconstructed T-shirt Ideas

Do you reconstruct your own t-shirts? T-shirts are probably one of the most popular reconstruction projects for sewers of all levels. EVERYONE has got a t-shirt in their drawer that they don’t wear anymore, so why not put it back to good use? I know that there are many books already on t-shirt reconstruction, but, just in case you’re not one of the owners of them, I thought I’d give you a few of my favorite reconstructed t-shirt ideas.

  • Do you hang your laundry on the line to dry? When I started doing this, I had a dilema of sorts regarding where to keep my clothes pins in my reach. I opened up one of those forgotten t-shirts into a rectangle, cut slits around all sides to make strips that I could tie around the holes in the basket so my clothes pins wouldn’t fall through, and voila… new again!
  • Tube tops… now who doesn’t like a great tube top to throw over your bathing suit during the summer? This one is very simple… just cut straight across at the underarms, then hem the top. Now, if you’re wanting a tube top out of a baggy t-shirt, there are a couple of ways to go about it. First, same as above instructions but add a strip of elastic that measures slightly smaller than your pit to pit measurement and sew that into the hem (this creates a nice flowy tube that’s not too constricting). Or, you could simply start with the cutting at the underarms, then try the top on inside out and pinning it down the sides to make it fit more snuggly, sew sides and hem top. Instant summer!
  • You’re not still using plastic grocery bags are you? Well, if you’ve got those spare t-shirts on hand and are thinking of making the switch to reuseable bags, here’s your answer. Cut arms off, cut collar off and cut it down a bit longer on the back of the shirt to match the front, sew the hem (bottom) of the t-shirt together, and there you have it… reuseable bag with handles!

No matter your level of craftiness, t-shirt reconstruction is definitely attainable. Here are a few of my favorites available on Etsy just in case you’re not feeling too outrageously crafty. The first one is from Kdottie and looks to be one of the most comfortable skirts I have ever seen, and the second is from HaschenDesign; I just love the color of this one!


New Tag Lines & Logo

I’ve been working with a professional graphic designer on a new logo and am very excited to get a new look! In the process of proofing she also sent some tag lines over for me to check out. What do you think of the following tag lines?

“reclaimed fashion”, “bringing new life to yesterday’s fashions”, “recycled.reworked.remarkable”

I think they’re all pretty awesome! I’m looking forward to showing off my new logo and new look! In the mean time, here’s a few of my current reconstructed favorites on Etsy for you to enjoy. The first one is called dollhouse jumper by NENEE. Isn’t it just adorable? She made it out of a maternity dress! The second reconstruction is called ‘candy suckle dress’ by heidiandseek. I really love the classic uniqueness of this dress; it’s just a bit funky but still really cute without going over the top!

Upcycle… you know you want to!

So here’s the deal with upcycling… it rocks! Upcycling is different that recycling in that instead of sending an item away to be recycled in the bin or at the center, you turn it into something of worth. Those soda cans & bottles can make some great jewelry, and those clothing & textile items with one tiny hole or stain on them can be turned into fabulous garments once that small part is extracted. Furthermore, the cardboard of cereal boxes make very cool bookmarks. Honesty, I could go on & on. Just stop by Etsy & put Trashion in the search to find some great examples of upcycling available.

Don’t get me wrong… recycling is awesome! Kudos to all that do it, that’s the least we should be doing, but when taken a step further we’re utilizing the “reuse” part of the “recycle, reduce & reuse” to it’s full extent. And really, that’s what needs to be done to make a difference. When our (here in the States) trash dumps can be seen from Space… SPACE!!!… we’ve got to take action!

We are a consumer based society, but we can be conscious consumers relatively easily. If we all purchased a bit of upcycled goods within the next year…. say… half of what we buy now, just think of all of the natural resources that we’d be saving! We could truly make a difference just one small step at a time. I don’t know all the statistics on what kind of impact this could possibly make, but I do know that change begins with ourselves. So… be the change you want to see!

Happy Upcycling!

Buying Handmade Clothing

As a consumer, I know that buying handmade clothing has a sort of stigma surrounding it as inferior. But, as a creator and seller of handmade clothing I can guarantee that this stigma of inferiority is very far from the truth! In fact, breaking away from the normal mass-produced clothing allows the consumer a chance to express individuality without compromising quality.

I can’t speak for everyone who creates and sells their handmade goods, but I can say that so much love, care and time goes into every one of my re-creations that I consider them to be of the highest quality. If you think about it, even the big box chains that outsource their creativity and production are having their items made by hand, by someone, on some machine. The big difference between them and small indie businesses like myself is simply that I have an emotional investment in each piece. I want each piece to be a great representation of what I do as a creator and designer, and the love will show in my work.

More often than not, handmade clothing comes from independent business owners and designers that have a creative flair apparent in the designs. This individuality offers a break from the “normal” fashion sold in big box retail stores. I’m not saying that the consumer of handmade clothing needs to stand out from a mile away in a kind of frankenstein-ish creation (although, if that’s your thing…), but instead I’m referring to the slight tweaks here and there that make the handmade creations unique.

The other aspect about handmade clothing that I absolutely love, and that I’m sure those who buy do too, is the customizable sizing option often available. I really couldn’t tell you how many times I have tried on 50+ pairs of jeans in one shopping session and have all of them not fit! Instead of all that hassle, the consumer will often have the option of doing some simple measurements on themselves, sending them in to one of the many handmade custom clothing stores, and receive the perfectly fitting pair of jeans (or skirt, dress, shorts, shirt, etc..)!

So, let’s drop the stigma and give handmade clothing a shot!