Easy Eco Tip

Do you work at an office that provides coffee, tea or water? Or, do you travel for your work and often stop for drinks? Bring a mug! It’s such an easy eco-tip that I almost feel embarrassed to post about it. I personally go through about 4 mugs of water and 1 or 2 cups of tea a day while sitting at my desk. That would be at least 2 disposables every day of both plastic and styrofoam. Yikes! It’s so easy to just throw my tea mug in my lunch bag and use my personal mug all day. Besides, isn’t your favorite mug WAY more exciting to look at than that red plastic cup or the small white styrofoam cup? And for those of you who travel, almost every coffee/tee shop out there will gladly fill your travel mug for you; some even offer discounts! So… drink up and go green!


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