Story Behind the Reconstruction

The story behind this fabulous red reconstructed halter is a short but sweet one.

My husband works for a cellular phone company, and every now-and-then they have some new marketing scheme for a product that they are introducing to the public. The latest trend has been a flurry of tshirts that the employees are required to wear instead of the normal button shirt and tie combo. Although much more comfortable, my husband says it takes the formality out of sales, and customers take him less seriously, and hence he’s finding himself working a bit harder for the same amount of respect and sales. Every time they decide that the date has come to put the previous tshirt to rest, it immediately ends up in my sewing studio for reconstruction. The first one I did went very fast and he was so happy to see it go, that I was excited to introduce the next one in what appears to be an ongoing series of promotional tshirts needing a new purpose in life!


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